JADE Fitness


Juliet Dunn has taught Zumba Fitness ® for over 5 years in the Niagara Region in Canada and overseas while travelling and working as a singer / musician. 

She now teaches her own ‘Zing + Zen’ (see description above) with Bebi and thanks all of her Zumba fans for coming out over the years and hopes they can join her with Bebi this Fall!


              Session 2 (Wednesdays April 11th - May 17th, 2017)

                                    Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre                              1                      1       14 Anderson Lane, NOTL, ON (Next to the Library)

                                 EVERY WEDNESDAY - 9am - 10am

                                 $49 + HST for 7 weeks

                      REGISTER NOW (Space is limited!)

          ZING + ZEN

Juliet now teaches a NEW program with Bebi called ‘Zing + Zen’...

All the benefits of yoga and low impact aerobics in one hour, leaving you with more energy for other activities throughout the day.

Zing dancing with Juliet:  Get your heart pumping, blood flowing and joints mobilized 

Zen with Bebi:  Finish on a quiet Zen with Bebi coaching a yoga stretch flow for flexibility and  improved balance.

Aerobics, strength, flexibility, balance: the components of a complete workout:  Zing & Zen

About Bebi...

Bebi is a certified yoga teacher has been coaching yoga for 19 years, around the world, to varied ages and abilities. She enjoys sharing the benefits of this healthy practice.